It is necessary that work be executed in a manner that both the contractor and the host community work in harmony for the safety of equipment and personnel at site.

Wave Access Engineering Limited recognized the importance of the host community in the actual execution of works and the attendant problem they are likely to create in the event of non-compliance with their laid down community rules and guidelines.

Therefore to prevent community problems during work execution on site, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  • Prior to commencement of any work, including mobilization, a site visit will be made to the community by the appointed client representative to familiarize us with the reorganization community authority.

  • During the familiarization visit, the authority shall be informed of our intention to work with their area.

  • Records of the demand of the community shall be taken and a discussion shall be embarked upon with them to reach a mutual satisfactory solution.

  • The agreement reached with the community will be implemented to the letter as we strongly recognize the advantage of safety and conducive working atmosphere, which can only be guaranteed by the host community.

  • An open communication channel shall be maintained with the community delegates with periodic and regular meeting, which will be of assistance in forestalling any disruption of

  • Employment opportunity shall be provided for community youths as shall be demanded by the host community.


  • Health, safety and environment issues are considered to be on equal status with other business objective of Wave Access Engineering Limited. It is therefore the primary objective of our management to make all employees understand that HSE is to their own advantage as well as that of the company.

  • The ultimate objective of Wave Access Engineering Limited are as follows;

  • Have an accident-free operation during our working, traveling and domestic life.

  • Prevent the destruction of our environment through pollution, oil spillage and improve our standard of housekeeping at the site.

  • Increase our welfare facilities at the site and offices.

  • Reduce the rate of lost time injuries (if any) to its barest minimum.

  • Support the campaign to keep the environment clean.




  • It is policy of Wave Access Engineering Limited to meet quality standard of our clients/customers.

  • Our ultimate goal shall be a continuous improvement towards his target of error-free work to avoid rework.

  • To achieve this policy, Wave Access Engineering Limited, has an effective quality management system outlined, in our   quality assurance plan conforming to all relevant international quality standards.

  • Each project manager, site manager and site engineer is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the quality system.

  • It is expected that all employees of Wave Access Engineering Limited should understand, implement and maintain this quality, which relates to their responsibilities within the company.

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