At Wave Access Engineering Limited, safety is our watch word, because we  know  that  the  growth  of  the  company  depends  largely  on  its manpower.

Hence we make sure that the working condition and lives of our employees are adequately provided for.

The company ensures that they   provide   the   employees   with   the   latest   personal   protective equipment and other devices at sites with a complete safety first aid box kit for emergencies.

Company’s activities are based upon a central head office management organization, working with a documented quality system. 

The system controls purchasing, estimating, administration and quality assurance and it also controls the maintenance and mobilization operations.


At contract award, the company’s first priority is to meet with all key individuals,  involved  in  the  project  to  review  every  aspect  of  the project,  to  schedule  each  phase  of  the  project  in  line  with  the customer’s  required  completion  date. 

(Time management is of top priority in our planning schedule).

Our   experienced   project   management   team,   engineers   and supervisors have the technical know- how to lead our crew in all kinds of working conditions.

Our seasoned labor force uses machinery and equipment that are well maintained, hand tools that are in excellent working conditions.

Logistic Support:
The immediate needs of crew working at our various sites are given quickest attention, through our 24 hour on-call system.

HSES -Health, Safety, Environment and Security:
A full time HSES manager coordinates the entire company’s safety program.

His leadership in training the workforce creates a safety consciousness that is carried into the workplace.

The pre-job safety planning meeting, investigations, follow-up of accident/incident reports, regular safety audits and unscheduled job site inspections keeps HSE in forefront of our activities.

We believe that quality keeps the job going.

All materials to be used for any job, supply, are quality checked to ensure their correctness and conformity to specifications, freedom from defects and suitability for their intended use.

An experienced quality controller is engaged for that purpose.

He uses his discretion while ensuring that the job is executed in accordance with laid down quality standards.


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