Wave Access Engineering Limited  


The Board of Directors draw up the company’s policy guidelines, while the management team headed by the Managing Director oversees the day to day operations of the company.

As  a  systems  engineering,  integrators,  EPIC  professionals,  management consulting organization, the company parades a good number of experts with various experience in different fields.

Our organization satisfies each client’s peculiar requirement in the most effective manner with dynamic operating processes that are quite flexible and adaptable to local and international needs.

In Wave Access Engineering Limited, we provide our client with a complete range of professional and cost effective services, which reflects uncompromising quality and commitment to both proven design and emergent technology, so as to maintain a good and long term business relationship.

Our primary goal is to flood and flaunt the economy with our expertise, we are driven by trusted and tested hands, and we have decided to share with the national and international community a piece of our strength and knowledge.

Wave Access Engineering Limited devotes considerable attention   to   research   and   development,   involving   the   continuous upgrading of its operations and the development of new concept with the passion for quality.

Wave  Access  Engineering  Limited  enjoys  the  services  of  qualified Engineering and technological personnel, who are graduates of various world class educational and technical institutions that have participated in delivering numerous major projects across the globe.



Since  the  incorporation  of  Wave  Access  Engineering  Limited,  we  have devoted considerable attention and funds to research and development (R&D),  involving  the  continuous  upgrading  of  its  operations  and  the development  of  new  concepts  and  methods  with  the  objective  to increase   knowledge   of   different   category   of   staff.   

Wave   Access Engineering Limited and her partners are in a better position to achieve these goals, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved in all its activities.

Wave Access Engineering Limited conducts all its businesses in very responsible and  honest  manner  that  is  devoid  of  mistrust  always  ensuring  that  we carry out only lawful and equitable transactions at all times.

  • To ensure safety, health security of everyone involved in our operations.
  • To care for the environment in which we operate.
  • To apply the highest value related to respect, integrity,honesty and good ethics in all our activities.
  • Enhancing the production and supply of quality goods and services.
  • Bringing about efficiency in all our activities.
  • Impacting our technical expertise and knowledge into the economy by creating a quality pace for others to follow.
  • To meet  our  clients  and  customers  expectation  at  all times  and timely on first attempt.
  • To manage our relationship effectively with our stakeholders towards delivering the quality service with the best practices.

We conduct our business applying the industry standards and international best business practices using the most advanced standard that exists in the industry.

In doing this we expect to meet  at  all  time  our  customer’s  expectations  providing  the  most  cost effective solutions and satisfaction.

Wave Access Engineering Limited insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspect of its business and expects the same in its business relationships.


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